Dressing up was one of my childhood pastimes. It was then that I discovered the passion that still drives me today: To immerse myself in a role, to go deep into someone else’s world, to have unforeseen experiences and ultimately to know myself.
Later – I was full of energy and the urge to move – I could not imagine studying acting. The prospect of dealing with all these classical subjects seemed too top-heavy and deterred me.
I’ve been dancing since I was six years old, and I was so connected to this form of expression that I decided to go for a three-part training with drama, singing and dancing classes. (…)
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Resume (Excerpt)

ZORN – Death and rain
2013 – TV series, ARD
role: Sigrun Bosch
director: Mark Schlichter
production: filmkombinat Nordost, Degeto, MDR
casting: Anja Dihrberg

Generation War *
2011 – TV-Miniseries, ZDF
role: Krystyna
director: Philipp Kadelbach
production: teamWorx

2010 – short film
role: Iris
director: Christian Fessel
production: Christian Fessel

One last time
2010 – short film
role: young Helena
director: Achmad Ubaidillah
production: Filmakademie Kelle

Maria behind the tunnel
2009 – short film
role: Maria (lead)
director: Gío Löwe
production: Gío Löwe

2008 – short film
role: Mirja
director: David Wnendt
production: ShootMe

2008 – short film
role: Susanne
director: David Wnendt
production: ShootMe

Geht es dir gut?
2022-2023 – Volksbühne, Berlin
role: ensemble (Bulgarian Voices Berlin)
director: René Pollesch
production: Volksbühne, Berlin

Bloody Honey
2019 – Theater O-TonArt, Berlin
roles: mantis religiosa, ant
director: Oliver Koch
production: Oliver Koch

The Dungeons
2014-2016 – interactive theater, Berlin
roles: Marie Nitsche, assistant to the plague doctor, judge, etc.
director: Kieron Smith
production: Merlin Entertainments

Killer Express
2009 – theater, Minden
role: Charlotte Brunninkg
director: Jürgen Morche
production: City Theater Minden

So in Love
2008 – reading, Hanover
role: lead
director: Henner Kallmeyer
production: Enercity Hannover

Golden times
2007 – theater, Frankfurt / Main
role: presenter, actress, singer
director: Andrej Zhigalov
production: Witzigmann-Roncalli Bajazzo

2005 – theater, AIDA
role: soloist of the ensemble
director: Corny Littmann
production: Seelive Tivoli / AIDA Cruises

Cinnamon and spell
2001 – theater, Berlin
role: Falling star (lead)
director: Ilona Schulz
production: Wintergarten Varieté Berlin

Cheerful time
2000 – theater, Berlin
role: Lola
director: Bernhard Paul
production: Wintergarten Varieté Berlin

2022 – audioguide for boat tour
Director: Stephanie Kissel
Production: tonweltstudios

Kulmbacher Mönchshof
2021 – audioguide for the German Spice Museum
Director: Stephanie Kissel
Production: tonweltstudios

Kulmbacher Mönchshof
2021 – audioguide for the Bavarian Brewery Museum Kulmbach
Director: Stephanie Kissel
Production: tonweltstudios

Food – The essence of life
2021 – audioguide for the Nestlé Alimentarium
Director: Stephanie Kissel
Production: tonweltstudios

2021 – audioguide for the German-Russian Museum Karlshorst
director: Klaus Kowatsch
production: tonweltstudios

Local community Parabutsch
2021 – audioguide for the local community Parabutsch
director: Klaus Kowatsch
production: tonweltstudios

Heinz Mack – Works in the light 1956-2017
2021 – audioguide for the museum Ritter in Waldenbruch
director: Klaus Kowatsch
production: tonweltstudios

Diversity United
2021 – audioguide for the Foundation for Art and Culture
director: Stephanie Kissel
production: tonweltstudios

With all senses! – French Impressionism
2020 – audioguide for the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
director: Stephanie Kissel
production: tonweltstudios

To Love Ru Darkness 2nd 
2019 – DVD, voice-actress
role: Nemesis
director: Velin Marcone
floormanager: Isabelle Irnich
production: TNT Media

Family Reunion 
2019 – TV series, voice-actress
role: ensemble
director: Sabine Sebastian
floormanager: Falko Vedder
production: VSI Berlin

The Inner World **
2013 – 2D adventure game (iPhone, Mac, PC, iPad)
double role: Zira, Durea
production: Studio fizbin / Headup Games

Slam Revolution – A History of the Poetry Slam
2007 – TV documentation
role: voice-over
director: Ralf S. Wolkenstein
production: arte / ZDF

Plan B – Crime story meets Jazz
from 2017 – mix of live radio play, jazz concert and theater
idea & concept; reading, acting & singing

story: Volker Kutscher
artistic consulting: Frederike Haas

Immoline Lörrach – „Frau Gempp, es isch soweit!“
2021 – Online spot for local real estate marketer
Director: Maurice L. Kubitschek
Production: Langsommer Film


acting age: 33-45
place of birth: Hanover
location: Berlin
housing options: Hanover
nationality: German
ethnic type: middle-, south-, east-european
height: 1,64
stature: slim
eye color: brown-green
hair color: brown
size: s-m
shoe size: 38.5 (EUR) / 8 (US)/ 5.5 (UK)

English (fluent), French (good), Russian (good)
dialects: Berlinish
voice color: mezzo soprano
singing: pop (prof.), jazz (prof.), soul (prof.), chanson (prof.), classical music (good)
sports: iyengar yoga, fitness
dancing: classical ballet (good), jazzdance (good), modern (good), flamenco (good), tap (good), tango (basics)
other: weapons training (Second World War)
driving license:

2016 ‚Helden & Loser‘, Jens Roth, Berlin
2008 – 2011 Sigrid Andersson, Die Tankstelle, Berlin
1996 – 1998
State Music School Paul Hindemith Berlin
(acting, singing, dancing)

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