I always wanted to be an actress. This I announced a long time before I could read or write.

Dressing was one of the favorite occupations of my childhood. At that time I discovered the passion that drives me to this day: sinking into a role, deeply penetrating the world of another, making unexpected experiences and finally recognizing myself. Later – I was full of energy and urge to move – I could not imagine study acting. The prospect of occupying myself with all these classic materials seemed to me to be too heavy and frightened me. I’ve been dancing since I was six years old, and I was so connected to this form of expression that I decided to go for a three-part training with drama, singing and dancing classes.

As with many dancers, my active phase was not permanent. With a heavy heart, I took leave of my knees after a knee injury and found comfort in my second love: music and singing. So, finally, I freed my body from all the tightness and tension that he had used to dance. As a singer I worked for several years at the theater, in show productions and in various band formations, until one day my original wish came to me again: Play!

Now or never, I thought, finally wanted to give me the exciting stories to be told. After all the entertainment, I longed to play multi-layered characters: pure, intimate, best in front of the camera, with no great tamtam – away from what I already knew.
And so the work with my coach, Sigrid Andersson, led me directly to my first turning experience at the „petrol station“ in Berlin-Mitte, and a few years later finally came to the successful ZDF / teamWorx production „Our Mothers, Our Fathers“ („Generation War „, Directed by Philipp Kadelbach), who won the German TV Prize (Best Multi-Part Set) in 2013 and the Golden Camera (Best Television Movie) and the International Emmy (Best TV Movie / Mini Series) in 2014.

Today I am grateful in this profession, in which one really never arrives. I am happy to be part of the art form, which keeps me in the spur of the moment. I can express humanity in all its facets: be beautiful and ugly, strong and fragile at the same time and celebrate the contradiction.

Foto: Bernd Brundert